SMIDDY 2023 Evaluation

Honesty is encouraged – we want SMIDDY to be useful and interesting for IDD researchers!
And to get better each year ♥️

SMIDDY’23 Evaluation

Feedback on SMIDDY 2023

Why did you choose to attend SMIDDY 2023?
How did you find the scientific content?
How did you find the schedule of the day?
How did you find communication and registration process?
How did you find out about SMIDDY 2023?

Next year: SMIDDY 2024

Would you attend next year’s SMIDDY?
SMIDDY 2023 cost approx. 85.- per person (keynote speakers invitation, food, coffee and the rest). Would you be willing to pay this amount to attend SMIDDY 2024 ?
Select the option you would prefer/are the most likely to attend:

The broader goals of SMIDDY

Which areas are lacking in the ID modeling community in Switzerland ?
Practically, what format(s) of SMIDDY would you prefer:

⚠️ In order to not compromise the anonymity & honesty of this survey, we cannot ask you the most important question. Please drop us an email if you would like to be involved in making SMIDDY 2024 happen, or if you have ideas for SMIDDY next steps. Please also drop us an email if you have some resources that we could use (e.g funding for meetings, event location, admin staff time).